Do you know what is a loading system ?

Do you know what is the advantage ? On the one hand, it can guarantee the delivery capability, and it can also achieve the best utilization effect. This fpc2 system is a combination of automatic loading and automatic stacking, so it has a great advantage. In exposure to the truck, it can automatically complete material carrying bags – it can be directly from the packaging equipment loading onto the plate – arranged in primary layer according to the line or combination, on the basis of its pallet capacity per hour is very high, up to about 3000 a bag.

It is the berman fpc2 system that runs through the console to the initial location. The system can then give the number of trips, the number of layers and the total number of bags. Finally, the system starts to load automatically, and it can be safe and gentle to the processing of bags. The bowman fpc2 is composed of electrical components and mechanical components. As we can see, it has many advantages, such as the simple and simple layout of its drive and equipment components, and it is easy to operate. It has a flexible and diverse structure. Finally, according to environmental conditions, high availability and high efficiency.

Do you know what a loading system is? This loading system can be used for cargo ships.

The two different freighter loading systems were provided by berman. Coarse grained materials, we, for example, such as, clinker or lump ore, belt conveyor equipment, vertical extension tube has been adopted, they are used for bulk shipment, they also have a lot of advantages, for example, they are clean and economic efficiency.

Swing and retractable loading devices also have great advantages, for example, they can cover most of the cargo compartment. So the thing about moving ships is that you don’t need to do it.

Do you know what design the loading device USES when you load dust? It USES a completely closed structure. Connecting the necessary filters can play a big role in minimizing the impact of environmental pollution.


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