Do you know what is the advantage of the berman bulk head with compressed air filters ?

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Do you know what is the advantage of the berman bulk head with compressed air filters ? It can not use a central dust removal device and a dust removal device, which is its advantage. The two devices are used to connect the bulk machine, but it also has a drawback, which is that the cost is too high. During the loading process, we can see where the dust from the tank car is going. They’re redirected back into the material. The compressed air filter consists of a filter hose between the inner tube and the outer bellows. It is vacuuming work by installing an external blower. The compressed air nozzle controlled by the timing relay can be cleaned effectively. The compressed air required is provided by the customer, which is 4-6 bar. Generally speaking, it works the same way as standard bulk.

What is the loading device? Normally, we use it for exposure vehicles. So, in this respect, it can play a big role.

Different retractable loading systems can be selected when the exposed vehicles are dust-free. At the beginning of loading, the bulk head will decrease, and generally, they will be reduced to the position of the car plate and then the material will be imported. When the rising material is sprayed onto the full load switch in the lower dust hood, the full load switch will be triggered and the bulk head will be automatically raised. We can also see that if the cone is not left on the edge of the cone, it is to prevent the dust from escaping. In general, bellows or telescopic tubes used to absorb dust need to be connected to the central dust removal air network. When feeding the material, the corresponding conveying device or fan flow control gate shall be adopted.





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