The new linear synchronous motor is adopted efficiently and the electrical efficiency is reduced. At the same time, the cost of product life cycle is low. The concept of modularity has been adopted. At the same time, we can see that its design layout is more flexible. The final feature is that it can be optimized to enable integration with existing environments.


The first feature is that it can efficiently pick up objects of different sizes and shapes. The second characteristic, for each belt, two items can be processed, so the sorting efficiency is greatly improved. The third feature is that it can be left or right unloaded (two items on a belt and at the same side or both sides). The fourth feature is that the concept of modularity has been adopted, and it has become more flexible for design layouts. The fifth feature is the adoption of the most advanced driving techniques.

What is the role of fpc6 sorting machine? It can deliver objects of all shapes and sizes, and as we can see, it is extremely flexible. The single-band or double-ribbon design is adopted for the carrier car. For each car, they can load up to 4 items per vehicle, which greatly improves sorting efficiency. In addition, one of the two items on a belt is unloaded to the left, one to the right, or both to one side at the same time, which can also be achieved through the system.

What is the delivery system? What does it do?

For the global warehousing, distribution center, post and parcel service industries and production workshops, berman group can provide all kinds of box and tray conveying equipment and control system.

Berman, a group of conveying system in design pays attention to a lot of ways, so its performance, service life and reliability is very good, so, for the production and distribution industry in terms of storage, transportation, sorting and storage of demand, have very big help.


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