Filling system

In addition, access to components is simplified by modular machine Settings, for example, fpc3 drives are installed externally and it is not installed inside the machine. You can set it directly on the cylinder of the inclined frame. As you can see, the configuration of the system is not only simplified, but also the maintenance and service work is greatly simplified.

It becomes more flexible because of the modularity.

As a result of the modular machine set BEUMER fpc2 filling machine, so you can see, for the special function such as ultrasonic sealing unit and an automatic saddle, their height adjustment can be modified at any time. At the same time, the change of the impeller from horizontal to vertical and the sliding plate changes, and we can see that this is also easy to achieve. We can easily and quickly remove the filling plate because we need to achieve the purpose of maintenance. After that, the production can continue. In addition, you can see that they are equipped with connectors for all executors. The replacement of actuators and sensors has been simplified and accelerated.

High precision weighing technology. Let’s take a look at this high-precision weighing technique.

Siemens’ S weighing technology has played a big role in testing and testing, which can ensure accurate filling. This high quality, standard component is used, and in the case of maintenance requirements, rapid availability can be guaranteed globally. It is controlled by PLC. At the same time, it can also obtain the permanent feedback of process data from the weighing mechanism. These are very useful places.

Attractive option to expand.

You need to use a seal bag at this time. The scattering loss of filled materials and increasing storage capacity are what we need to prevent. His fpc3 filling machine can be equipped with ultrasonic closing unit. This is a very powerful place.



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