It can be compared with the cold stretching wrapping method

Information: it can be compared with the cold stretching wrapping method. After comparison, we can see that the cold stretching coating has many advantages. Its advantages are:

First, due to the large vertical tensile strength of the film, the load stability will be improved, and the loss of products resulting from the theft will be greatly reduced. Second, product ventilation and film printing are all achievable. Third, the same applies to unmanned transport systems or automatic high shelf systems. Fourth, it has five sides of all-round protection. Fifthly, it can also be well prepared for weather changes. Sixth, the frequency of membrane replacement can also be reduced in general, it can be reduced by up to 10 times. In this time, the availability of equipment is greatly improved. Meanwhile, the operator’s workload has been reduced. Seventh, because it is an all-transparent film, it can beautify the appearance of the product, so that the product can be promoted in the sales point or in the transportation of brand recognition. Eighth, consumer buying behavior can also be promoted. Ninth, we can see that its maximum packaging capacity can reach up to 200 pallets per hour, while the additional coating film seals are not needed. The bar code is very readable. Eleventh, generally speaking, accurate cost planning can be worked out by accurately calculating the film consumption. And twelfth, for the membrane, it’s completely reusable.

It can also be compared with the heat shrink-wrap method. After comparison, the advantage of cold stretch coating is:

Firstly, the load stability is greatly improved due to the large vertical tensile strength of the film. Second, because the film doesn’t need to be heated – so the fire danger is greatly reduced, and the insurance rates are reduced. Third, we can see, because the film consumption fell by more than 30%, so the energy consumption is also reduced, generally speaking, it will reduce 90%, so the environmental pollution is greatly reduced.



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