Loading and unloading techniques.

Loading and unloading techniques. Do you know what is technology ? We can look at the handling technology.

Silo unloading technology, this technique is very important.

The function of fluidizers is to make the fine powdery materials fluidized and prevent clumps. Generally speaking, it can be loosened and fully mixed for small particle materials through the way of air into the air.

If a fluidizer appears in the area of the layout, a small amount of air can be covered with a large ventilation surface. Its structure is very strong and durable, and it can provide great help for the uniform distribution of materials. So, it’s a huge technological advance.

Do you know how to transport a large quantity of powder? It must be transported by road and rail. We can see that whether it is building materials, coal, grain, feed, mineral and chemical products, under normal circumstances, we can see that they are in production bases loaded, and then, through a variety of different mode of transportation, they are a large number of transport to use site. Such a set of technical loading and transfer systems is very important because it is designed and adapted to the installation environment. Do you know what the system design needs to consider? The different product features of the loading and unloading materials need to be considered clearly, especially the bulk density, product temperature and flow characteristics of the material. Of course, there are important parameters, such as loading capacity, weight and volume control, and the clean and environmentally friendly way to run, which are very important parameters.

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