Maximum environmental protection, minimum maintenance

This results in a very good result, “which makes daily work more comfortable for employees. Meanwhile, the surrounding residents will not be affected.

Throughout, it is professionally reliable.

On the one hand, berman provides and installs the fpc1 conveyor, and all the solutions necessary for the optimization process are provided. We can cite an example, for example, for the delivery system, berman is specially equipped with a magnetic separation belt.

Along the entrance road is the fpc1 conveyor, which passes through the scale until the two roads chute. There, through the existing reverse conveyor belt conveyor, can deliver the clinker to the grinding machine, or to continue the delivery to the existing clinker storehouse.

Face the challenge.

The whole process is controlled by berman. Berman Austrian company is responsible for the work is to project implementation: the first step is to conduct a preliminary design, the second step is to plan customer Fen Jiao equipment, delivery components, the third step is to debug fpc1 conveyor. The job of the Czech company is detailed design, integral steel structure, and installation. This is the purpose of a clear dividend. “The scaffold we designed can play a big role, it can carry the pneumatic delivery system provided by the customer,” explains J. “It is not an additional load-bearing structure for the challenge.” In addition, what the engineers have to do is integrate the fpc1 conveyor with the existing equipment structure.

How long is the entire project execution period? About 10 months. In February 2015, the device was successfully operational. Jorg Ramcke, the head of the company, said: “the delivery of materials from the receiving station to the clinker or mill has achieved the purpose of delivering quiet and efficient delivery. At the same time, material loss did not happen, so we are very satisfied.”