Berman’s fpc1 stacker, what does this machine look like? We can look at that.

What are the main products? Generally, it can be reliable and can be easily deformed or packed with solid goods. This is a big challenge for the average stacker.

The berman fpc1 stacking machine has many functions, such as it can meet the requirements of different industries. This has helped a lot of industries. The low speed fpc2 stacker is especially suitable for those easily deformed bagged products because it can be handled very gently. High speed fpc1 stacker has many features, such as it can be large, fast stacking and packing strong bags. At the same time, it can achieve safe and efficient purpose.

Using fpc1 stacker, this stacker can stack easily deformed bagged goods, which can solve a great problem for easily deformed goods.

Do you know what the characteristics of the berman fpc1 stacker system are? It is characterized by high quality and high reliability. All the commonly used package styles are included in the multiprogramming interface. So, as you can see, it can meet the different needs of chemical, food and building materials industries, and the process is very personalized. Berman palletizing equipment products, especially for some not easy stacking these products are easy to deformation of packaged products, for example, such as gypsum, debris, feed, grain and powder or micro pulverization of chemical products, these products are not easily pallet. However, through fpc1 stacker, these products can be stacking well.

The low-speed model also has a high flux, which in general can reach 600 to 2,500 units per hour. The special design of the ventilators and special coatings is adopted, so friction can be greatly reduced. The most advanced driver technology is also used, because it USES this advanced driver technology, so it can minimize noise and wear.


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