semi-automatic stretch wrapping Chinese

Sw-2 semi-automatic stretch wrapping. It is a semi-automatic machine, packed with stretch film. It has turntable soft start, manual or automatic mode and adjustable film tray overlap function. It can be equipped with mechanical or electromagnetic braking or power pretensioning frame.
This is a high-end stretch film that can be used to optimize film consumption and ensure that all packaging parameters can be completely controlled. Features: platform diameter is 1650 mm. The tray height is 2100 mm. The maximum loading weight is 2000 kg. The dimensions are different, bracket and clutch belt or power supply Pre Stretch membrane bracket, safety switch, frequency soft start / stop + fixed rotational speed, transmission speed, an advanced options control panel can store up the possibility of 10 procedures, the turntable stop function, avoid handling operation in the process of moving, the height of the tower plate is hinged on the photoelectric tube base tilt, convenient installation and re positioning, two truck access point, so it is easy to re position the machine.

. A platform with a diameter of 1500 mm: HS (max 1200 kg) / 1800 mm (18) / 2200 mm (22) chromatographic column: (M) suitable for pallets up to 3000 mm pallets, up to 2600 mm / (H), integrated weighing system
Embedded type frame, light battery test black film or color products, electric panel heaters, the environment temperature is 5 DEG to 5 DEG, unstable pressure unit tray, HMI touch screen and PLC, a security fence and anti intrusion barrier, loading ramp. Elastic film / standard and rated power, the company provides a series of high-quality tape casting stretch film, designed to meet a variety of applications and requirements. Our film aims to minimize packaging costs while maintaining safe, high-quality packaging.MH hand sheet can be used in various width, thickness and coil manual pallet packaging. Standard film.