Sorting technology

Fpc3 USES high-speed linear synchronous motor, so it has many advantages. Eliminating the contact between removable parts is one advantage. Because by this step, the wear and tear is greatly reduced, and the noise is reduced. In the design, the traditional sorting technology difficulties were captured, this system we can give you an example, for example, in fragile or surface friction larger items, can also be very good transport and sorting. What role does fpc4 cross-belt sorting system have? It can also unload the objects gently horizontally, and in the sorting process, accurate positioning and orientation can be ensured.

Do you know what its properties are? We can look at that.

Its characteristic is that it can complete the high efficient sorting of fragile and surface friction items. In this process, the new linear synchronous motor is also adopted, and the life cycle cost (PLCC) of the electrical efficiency product is greatly improved. At the same time, it is characterized by the concept of low modularity, and it can be more flexible in terms of design. Precise positioning and orientation can be guaranteed throughout the sorting process. Optimized integration is very convenient.

What is the fpc5 sorting machine? It is a sorting machine, so this sorting machine can offer more possibilities.

It can continue the cross-belt sorting machine. At the same time, it has the characteristics of energy conservation and efficiency. On the other hand, it has the advantages of wide selection of belt width. We need to expand its control system, so the fpc5 sorting machine is launched. Do you know what the result is? With this technology, the flexibility and processing power of fast and efficient automated sorting has been improved, and we can see that they are being upgraded to a whole new level.



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