The loading and unloading device has achieved innovation in all aspects

The loading and unloading device has achieved innovation in all aspects: the latest frontier technology is the burman handling device fpc1. In the process of research and development, the latest scientific methods have been adopted, at the same time, we can see that in the location of the man-machine engineering design, work safety and process, it can achieve the best results. As an example, for example, the height of the motor adjustment is the package manipulator, which can be in the best position according to the height of the detachable container. So, there is no doubt that lifting the parcel is not necessary. For this purpose, we can see that we can adjust the height of the operator’s platform. Do you know where all the operations and display components are? They are all placed in a clear position because it is easier to operate. In addition, for operators, there are many automatic supporting systems that can support them.

What is a high speed delivery system? What does it do?

Berman group design, manufacture and installation of integrated baggage delivery system with high speed and sorting system is very important, because the two systems can meet the strict standard airports and airlines.

The integrated fpc1 tray delivery system is very high and we can see that it can be up to 10 m/s. So it has played a huge role, and it makes sense for the fast and accurate delivery of luggage between the terminals of the world’s largest airports.

Berman fpc1 also has a role in the delivery, storage and sorting of luggage. At the same time, its reliability is very high and its speed is very high. In general, it can reach up to 10 m/s. The central processing computer has a simple orbital system, so it can be realized at any time to expand the system, so we can see that it becomes more economical.

Reducing transit time to the shortest is what our high-speed delivery systems and sorting systems do. It can increase the flow of passengers and shorten the connection time.




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