The right loading technology

The unloading and loading of bulk materials, which are two very important technologies, we can take a look at what the technology is and why they can play such a big role.

Its bulk transport mode is efficient, reliable and safe.

For efficient safe delivery of your product, the correct loading technique is crucial: you can see, for bulk material loading system, we are one of the main suppliers. Over the years, with our experience, as well as a high quality of products, technology and the continuous development of loading technology of bulk materials to everyone, a high level of supply and economic operation are we provide for the customer.

The loading of our bulk material is mentioned in the product overview.

What is batch loading headers? Now, let’s see.

For bulk carriers, they all have a complete filter with fill level indicator, which is important.

What is a loading system?

For bulk transport vehicles, loading systems can provide vehicles for ship scheduling automation.

Dispatch automation for efficient processes.

For dispatching automation, its success has a major has a success factors: today, as we all know, for bulk material loading system, it will be automatic inspection and control. Customized concepts are generally needed for consolidation and shipping logistics. The solution is also provided by us, because it is our purpose to meet the specific requirements of each customer. From single load control to full material flow control, we can meet customers’ needs.

You can take a look at the following system components that can help our solution:

Through PLC., material flow control can handle weighing information and customer data.

It can also handle the transport of commodities well.

We can see that there is a lot of material here, and they have to be transported by highway and by rail.



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