This machine can blend perfectly with the environment.

This machine can blend perfectly with the environment.

German Portland cement supplier W is very trusting of the boman group’s fpc1 conveyor.

The German Portland cement supplier W USES the burman group new type fpc1 conveyor, which can be transported to the cement mill through this conveyor. The length of the conveyor system is very long. Generally speaking, it is about 200 meters, and the length is to fully cooperate with the local topography. The fully enclosed structure is adopted by the system. In the process of conveying, you can see that the material will not fall onto the street or the vehicle. So, that means no material loss, no dust. So it has a clean environment. At the same time, it has the characteristics of energy saving and efficiency, so it is very easy to maintain, and it also has a great advantage in economic efficiency.

There is a large amount of limestone in the hailstorm valley in the Vulkaneifel, which has been formed for a very long time, perhaps 380 million years ago. The geological diversity of this region is also reflected by abundant dolomite and unique basalt volcanic cone. The location of this town is the center of the region. Portland cement factory Wotan h. Schneider KG – we call this cement factory W cement factory, and since 1923, a factory has been built on the edge of this 180-person village. You can see that there are about 70 employees in this midsize family business, and nine different types of cement are being produced. High quality cement, limestone cement, ash cement, blast furnaces and slag cement are all included, according to the head of the company J. In general, people need to put the cement bag, then put them into the tank truck delivery to some cement are needed, such as the German Rhineland – the Franco Prussian folz states, Saarland, the southern NRW, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, and France’s construction sites, ready-mixed concrete plant, concrete prefabricated building materials manufacturers and traders.


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