What is a logistics system?

What is a logistics system?

As a leading supplier, it is the world’s leading logistics system in delivery, handling, stacking, packaging, sorting and classification technology. We understand the materials and products you are sending. At the same time, we are well aware of the need for the delivery of materials and products.

As you can see, each logistics center is different. Therefore, there is a result that is different for our solution. When designing, installing and integrating logistics systems, every customer’s special needs will be carefully considered. Because helping clients achieve goals more effectively is our goal, and you can see that this is even more than you can expect.

Our system has a great advantage, for example, it can easily cope with great pressure during rush hour. Also, it’s easy to expand and adjust, so it’s easy to adapt to the changing pace of your business needs. The berman group can be a great help for you to stay on the technical front. In general, you can always benefit from a cost-effective workflow. At the same time, it is entirely possible to recover the return on your investment.

We can see that the application of technology in perpetual motion is spread all over the world

We can tailor personalized solutions to our products

What berman has been trying to do for years is to provide global users with equipment and systems for bulk and bulk delivery. At the same time, it has been a huge success in the field. From all walks of life, it’s the same. Cement industry, limestone and gypsum industry, or the emerging markets such as chemical industry and energy economy, appropriate, hot material conveyor belt conveyor and efficient bucket machine can be provided by berman group. At the same time, a solution that suits your company’s delivery can also be assigned.

What is the transmission technique?

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Long distance, large slope and high temperature are the characteristics of it. In the face of such diverse delivery requirements, the corresponding individualized system solution can always be provided by the berman group. The most appropriate way is always to be found here with a wealth of expertise. In this way, you can move your products quickly, safely and economically from one place to another.



Fpc1 conveyor comes in two forms, open and closed respectively. These are two different types. Fpc2 conveyor has a wide range of applications, and the hot material conveying feeding device, metering device and cut-off valve can be completed by fpc2.


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