You can see that it’s flexible in all aspects.

You can see that it’s flexible in all aspects.

We can see that the symmetrical structure fpc5 is unique and can be from any side of the system. We can see, because the printing logo control, automatic exchange film reel, separation film release, based on the orbit, and mobility or freedom processing causes the possibility of stretch film, so the system can separate is applicable to any customer requirement. This is a big advantage.

Next, let’s look at its availability and cost savings.

In fact, we can see that, without a doubt, the system works 24 hours, and his fpc5 filling system is known for its outstanding usability, so it’s the perfect companion. The maintenance interval extension is also due to its robust design. Let’s take an example, for example, in fact, the degree of wear and tear on the system is very small: it’s what it needs to do to direct the bag directly to the various jobs. Because it needs to prevent the vibration of the bag, the vibration can also be effectively avoided.

Its modular structure is another advantage of it, and simple operations and simple cleaning are guaranteed. Short renovation and maintenance time are also guaranteed.

In addition, we can see that it is very convenient to operate.

In fact, this is ergonomic, and its control terminals allow for a simple, quick and secure control. Optimized user interfaces and navigation are also important and easy to understand. It has intuitive interaction concepts. It is also helpful to improve the efficiency of the work sequence.

A prominent part of the sealing system.

Form, fill and seal in a system. It’s a very high capacity per hour, and it’s about 2,600 bags. This is a compact, space-saving design. This design has a great advantage. It has strong low-vibration technology. It’s also ergonomic.





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